Supporting you through your journey to Endgame

Endgame, pension risk transfer, bulk purchase annuity, Journey planning – moving a UK defined benefit pension scheme’s liabilities from a corporate sponsor to an insurer has many names. And that’s not where the confusion ends.

We’ve worked with both trustees and sponsors to help them navigate the tricky waters of this complex voyage. By combining our deep knowledge and experience of the pension industry with our expertise and capability in law we bring clarity and direction through practical, coherent and ongoing support.


How we can help:

  • Offer strategic advice on long-term planning
  • Assess the details of your scheme and provide clear next steps
  • Work as an effective and cooperative member of your advisory team
  • Review scheme rules and benefit specifications
  • Provide ongoing support, guidance and advice
  • Give pragmatic and proportionate advice for personal liability based on risk

For a sneak preview of our Buy Out survey results and to plan your endgame journey, download:

Endgame – Do we have FOMO in PRT?

Arc’s Buy Out Survey Preview

Planning your endgame journey

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