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The last thirty years have seen a constant increase in regulation, legislation and guidance relating to the role of the pension scheme trustees. At ARC Pensions Law, we believe that pension scheme trustees require more than simply having problems identified; they need clear, practical solutions and advice on how to navigate the complexities that touch all areas of the trustee’s role.


Our highly experienced team understands that trustees require the full range of defined benefit, defined contribution and hybrid schemes, whether large boards or sole appointments. Our advice is tailored to the individual needs of clients’ schemes. We assist with benefit queries, use of discretions, funding, administrative and investment issues that trustees deal with in the course of their duties. Our advisors can help to manage roles and responsibilities effectively, assisting in the development of strategies to ensure best practice in pension scheme management.

Difficult Decisions

A case that I am familiar with involved a man in his mid-thirties passing away after having filled his EoW, nominating the two children as potential beneficiaries. However, the grandfather then produced paternity proof in relation to a further child from a secret relationship his son had. Given the trustees were required to consider all potential beneficiaries, the third child became a beneficiary under the trust set up for his children....

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