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While many firms of accountants, actuaries, benefit consultants and IFAs have some technical staff to support their activities, they will likely not have a full specialist pensions team operating in-house, both able and qualified to provide a full range of specialist legal services.

On occasion, the ability to use legal privilege may also provide a layer of protection for your clients that may not be achieved without instructing a solicitor. Arc Pensions Law partners and associates have years of experience providing support to other professionals working in the pensions industry.

We understand that the needs of the client require us to work closely with other professionals, providing information in a timely and pragmatic way, working as a seamless, single team to achieve the clients’ objectives. We work hard to build strong, effective relationships, understanding your timetables and methods of working so that we fit seamlessly into your work product. An increasing number of clients are happy to use expert firms for specialist areas of law.

We are happy to engage either directly with the client, allowing you to rest assured that our relationship will enhance rather than threaten yours, limiting our advice to the specialist pensions area. We are nonetheless equally happy to work indirectly through you and allow you to present our work to the client as best fits the circumstances. In our support work, we always prioritise the needs of your law firm. We believe that relationships with other firms are every bit as important as those with clients. We work hard to ensure that you remain confident in the quality of our work, the commerciality of our advice, our sensitivity to costs issues and our ability to deliver advice in a timely and effective way.