Services for law firms and other professionals

Services for law firms and other professionals

ARC Pensions Law was founded with the aim of providing a high-quality, highly responsive and dedicated support service for law firms and other professionals.


Our partners are experienced in working with other firms when there is a need for more specialist advice on pensions law issues. Our business model is designed to give us the flexibility to closely match pricing structures already in place. We are happy to appear on the record and can act either directly for the ultimate client, as client of the law firm, or can simply provide advice behind-the-scenes as may be required.


As a pensions-only law firm with no intentions of expanding our services beyond the extensive range that we already provide, we represent no competitive threat when it comes to introducing our partners to your clients. On these pages we highlight some of the areas where our partners are working to support other professionals in delivering excellent service, competitively priced.

Lloyds pensions ruling: much needed clarity provided on guaranteed minimum pensions

Following last month’s landmark High Court ruling on Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMPs), namely that Lloyds Banking Group must equalise some legacy benefits for men and women, the newspaper headlines were perhaps predictable. The focus, even from the BBC and The Times, was that gender equalisation of pension pay outs could have a potentially detrimental effect, adding £15-£20bn to the costs of UK defined benefit pension schemes....

Anne-Marie Winton comments in Actuarial Post on the joint inquiry into Carillion’s collapse

On 30th January, the joint Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee and Work and Pensions Committee heard evidence from two of the Carillion pension scheme trustees, one of whom was only very recently appointed. They explained the difficult position faced by trustees who are generally powerless to force a company to pay money into a pension scheme - unlike The Pensions Regulator....

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