Regulatory, Tax and Public Sector

Regulatory, Tax and Public Sector

The world of pensions is highly regulated and seemingly subject to perpetual scrutiny from legislators who cannot resist introducing more and more change. Nowadays, only those steeped in knowledge of the industry and with the resources to remain abreast of its constant developments are able to advise with confidence.


At ARC Pensions Law, we expend considerable time and resources in ensuring that our whole team are fully up to date with the latest legal developments and have a deep understanding of the wider context within which such legal changes occur. On these pages, we list some of the areas in which we support our clients with occupational pension schemes, whether as sponsor, trustee or professional adviser, in either the private or public sectors.

Auto-enrolment compliance under the spotlight

The latest workplace pensions scheme figures indicate that, as of July 2017, more than eight million workers are enrolled by approximately 650,000 employers. With an additional 50,000 schemes on the horizon, it would be easy to think that the automatic-enrolment regime is now fully bedded down and compliance, including for larger employers, re-enrolment, well understood....

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