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Pensions Taxation

Taxation is a driving force for the design of pension schemes and the choices made by employers, employees and trustees in relation to their pension arrangements. The lawyers at ARC Pensions Law understand the present complexities and the past history of the tax system relating to pensions.

With our practical advice and knowledge:

  • Trustees can be clear on potential tax charges to your pension scheme
  • Employers can structure contributions in a tax-efficient way, and
  • Members and employees can be provided with accurate and succinct information about the potential tax consequences of the options and decisions they face.
What the Budget means for pensions

The world of pensions has always been slightly nervous when it comes to the chancellor’s budget. The size of pension funds is very significant, and they are very tax efficient. The attraction of pension funds as a source of taxation has always been quite tempting......

Overseas transfers

Changes announced by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in March, coupled with the implementation of relevant provisions of the Finance Act 2017, have led to trustees of registered pension schemes running a greater risk of incurring tax charges....

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