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Taxation is a driving force for the design of pension schemes and the choices made by employers, employees and trustees in relation to their pension arrangements. The lawyers at ARC Pensions Law understand the present complexities and the past history of the tax system relating to pensions.

With our practical advice and knowledge:

  • Trustees can be clear on potential tax charges to your pension scheme
  • Employers can structure contributions in a tax-efficient way, and
  • Members and employees can be provided with accurate and succinct information about the potential tax consequences of the options and decisions they face.
VAT and Pension Scheme Expenses for Defined Benefit Schemes

It is three and a half years since HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) announced a change in their practice in relation to recoverability of VAT on pension scheme expenses. The reform allowed employers to recover VAT on investment, including administrative expenses associated with their defined benefit pension schemes. However, working out how to achieve this in the highly regulated world of pensions has proved to be a challenge for HMRC. It left employers unclear about how to achieve full recovery of VAT on investment expenses, which are normally one of the highest of the charges incurred by pension schemes....

Avoiding scams on pension transfers

The financial crisis led to the country becoming a low interest rate and low inflation economy. This had an inadvertent effect on most companies with defined benefit (“DB”) pension schemes; many schemes suffered a significant worsening in their funding as a result of low interest rates, with little prospect of any change in the medium term. ...

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