Services   |    Pension Scheme Winding Up

As pension schemes come to an end, the process of winding up must be carefully handled.

The procedure is complex, covering such issues as:

  • legal aspects of triggering termination
  • trustee insurance and other enduring protection
  • negotiating individual annuity policies
  • managing Section 75 debts, and
  • formally documenting termination and discharge of trustees.

Arc Pensions Law can steer you through this process and give you confidence that, as far as possible:

  • members have been identified
  • benefits have been secured
  • liabilities have been met
  • regulatory notifications have been given, and
  • trustees have been discharged.

In the real world, it is not always possible to know that all these issues have been dealt with. For instance, beneficiaries may not be traceable or documentation on benefits incomplete. Our advice will help you reach a practical solution, protecting trustees and employers from future risks. If you are preparing your scheme for eventual winding up, whether as a scheme sponsor or trustee, please also take a look at our Safe Settlement page.