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Pension issues can be fundamental to any transaction involving the buying, selling or reorganisation of a business, and may involve restructuring of the transaction or significant changes to a scheme.

Amongst other things, there may be issues relating to:

  • sharing of funding risk and liability
  • understanding the level of funding shortfalls
  • triggering of pension debt payments from the transaction
  • unknown and unrecognised liabilities for benefits
  • liabilities for unfunded or unknown pension schemes
  • liabilities to employees relating to pension rights
  • risks of regulatory action or fines due to the management of the pension liabilities, and
  • guarantees or other obligations to pension schemes of the group or other group companies.

A business should be able to understand these risks and take action to limit and deal with them in the most appropriate way. Arc Pensions Law’s highly experienced team can ensure that such issues are raised early and proactively solved in a swift and pragmatic manner with minimal risks.