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DC Schemes

Recent years have seen a significant growth in defined contribution (or ‘money purchase’) pension schemes, accompanied by increased regulation relating to management. We advise employers on strategies and issues in managing defined contribution schemes. Our team of experts can assist with:

  • management of occupational (trust based) pension arrangements
  • working with GPP providers and master trusts
  • communicating with employees
  • dealing with salary sacrifice arrangements
  • proper process for selecting funds including default funds, and
  • strategy for dealing with changing tax treatment (annual allowances, life time allowances and 2015 Budget ‘freedoms’).
New draft pension scheme investment regulations – power to the people?

Have you seen the news?  Members are getting powers to hold trustees to account over their consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when setting the investment strategy.  Now, that is a scoop!  But is it true? In its consultation on clarifying and strengthening......

Spectre of Closure: BA’s decision to close the New Airways Pension Scheme highlights risks of defined benefit liabilities

With some rather unseasonal timing, in mid December 2017, British Airways announced the bad news to staff of the planned closure of its defined benefits pension scheme (the New Airways Pension Scheme, known as NAPS) to future accrual in April 2018, with a view to addressing the £2.8bn deficit in the scheme. Future benefits will be provided on a defined contribution basis, exposing only those employees who are members of the replacement scheme, not BA, to the investment risk in the underlying assets....

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