Why aren’t we turning the light on?

As an industry we are risk-focussed. We have to be. We exist in order to deliver…

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Anne-Marie Winton to speak at Institue and Faculty of Actuaries’ Pensions Conference 2019

Partner Anne-Marie Winton will be speaking at the Institue and Faculty of Act…

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Stuck in the middle with my pension liability

In these straitened times there are a lot of companies battling with their custo…

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Jane Kola to speak at PMI’s data and de-risking roundtable

Partner Jane Kola will be speaking at PMI’s data and de-risking roundtable, wh…

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New law set to get tough on firms that put pensions at risk

The news that Brexit could be delayed until Halloween has alleviated one headach…

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All you need to know: executive pensions and regulation

Anyone looking at British statute books might think that pensions are the most i…

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Kate Payne comments in Pensions Expert on the Railways Pension Scheme Deficit  

The Work and Pensions Committee has written to the Pensions Regulator over what …

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The pension implications for Debenhams’ defined benefit plan as the company goes into administration

Debenhams has become the latest high street retailer to go into administration a…

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Rosalind Connor comments in Professional Pensions on DWP delay leaving schemes vulnerable to breaching the Equality Act 2010

A government failure to update equality legislation means schemes offering bridg…

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Consolidation and how actuaries are pivotal

DWP closed their Consultation on Consolidation of Defined Benefit Pension Scheme…

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Services for Employers and Sponsors

Sometimes employers come to the pensions party unsupported by sufficient legal a…

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Anna Copestake comments in Pensions Expert on Caffyns Pension Scheme appointing a fiduciary manager to help restructure its investment portfolio

Trustees of the £86m Caffyns Pension Scheme have appointed a fiduciary manager …

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Anne-Marie Winton comments in Pensions Expert on the new criminal offences proposed to prevent pension mismanagement

The government has said that it plans to go ahead with proposals for new crimina…

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Auto Enrolment

The introduction of ‘auto enrolment’ from October 2012 imposed a whole new s…

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Corporate Activity

Since the mid-2000s, businesses have had to be aware of the effects of normal bu…

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DC Schemes

Recent years have seen a significant growth in defined contribution (or ‘money…

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Discrimination law has caused problems for pension schemes ever since 1990, when…

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Master Trusts

The team at Arc Pensions Law can offer advice and support on either establishing…

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Scheme Funding

A great deal has been written on the issue of the funding of defined benefit pen…

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Employer Advisory Work

Employers can no longer rely on advice provided to trustees on managing their pe…

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Employer Debt and Section 75

One of the biggest practical challenges for a business that sponsors a defined b…

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Arc Pensions Law responds to the DWP consultation on pension scheme consolidation and commercial consolidators

Arc generally supports the idea of commercial consolidators but considers the pr…

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Top tips for a successful approach to the bulk annuity market

From the blog: 2018 is set to be a record breaking year in the bulk annuity risk…

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GMP equalisation is needed, but it will not be straightforward

The mist has begun to clear from the recent October 2018 High Court judgment in …

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Lloyds pensions ruling: much needed clarity provided on guaranteed minimum pensions

Following last month's landmark High Court ruling on Guaranteed Minimum Pensions…

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A case for greater disclosure

UK company accounts do not adequately explain defined benefit pension risks to i…

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Anna Rogers comments in Professional Pensions Lloyds GMP ruling giving a clear way forward

The High Court ruling on guaranteed minimum pension (GMP) equalisation may have …

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Arc Pensions Law ranked in The Legal 500 UK 2018 for Pensions

We are pleased to announce that Arc Pensions Law's two offices in London and Lee…

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What the Budget means for pensions

Pensions was the unspoken issue in this year's Budget, despite recent rampant ru…

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Tough new approach from pensions regulator, increased scrutiny for schemes

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has unveiled a new logo and a new approach, in a pa…

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Anne-Marie Winton comments in RBS ContentLive on SME’s workplace pensions requirements

Workplace pension requirements are a source of confusion for many SMEs. Under th…

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Anne-Marie Winton comments in IPE on FRC’s criticism of DB accounting standards

The UK Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has concluded that there is "some scope…

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Inadequate measures place pressure on pensions’ schemes

After several vigorous, public criticism of its failure to exercise its powers i…

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Anna Copestake comments in Corporate Adviser on passive funds winning in the battle of price over value

According to corporate advisers, employers signing off fund choices for their de…

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Rosalind Connor comments in The Financial Times on British Airways’ landmark win over pension trustee powers

British Airways (BA) today won its case in the Court of Appeals against its pens…

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Rosalind Connor comments in Pensions Expert on DWP’s proposal to grant TPR power to impose civil fines

The Department for Work and Pensions has proposed granting The Pensions Regulato…

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Rosalind Connor comments in Pensions Age on master trusts and the relationship between employers and scheme members

Some commentators have expressed concern over the increased uptake in master tru…

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Anna Rogers speaks with Professional Pensions on key issues for risk reduction

What are the key legal issues facing schemes conducting and considering buy-ins …

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Rosalind Connor comments in Pensions Expert on DWP’s defined benefit white paper

The Pensions Regulator is prepared to deploy tough new powers promised by the De…

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Anna Rogers comments in IPE on the House of Lords’ inquiry into scrapping the RPI as a measure of consumer inflation

The UK Parliament has begun an inquiry into whether the retail prices index (RPI…

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Calling all pension liabilities

It is a welcome change that defined benefit pension liabilities of employers are…

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Financial support directions and extent of TPR’s powers “Box Clever”

The Granada case, popularly known as 'Box Clever' after the name of the employer…

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Rosalind Connor comments in Professional Pensions as court rules in favour of TPR in dispute with ITV

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has secured a major win in the Upper Tribunal after…

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The implications of pensions white paper

Businesses that have defined benefit pension schemes are long used to regulation…

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Anne-Marie Winton comments in The Mail on Sunday on De La Rue’s pension deficit

The British firm that lost out on a lucrative contract to print the UK's first p…

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Arc’s response to The Department for Work and Pensions’ white paper, ‘Protecting Defined Benefit Pension Schemes’

The DWP seems to have drawn a line under the CPI/RPI issue in its White Paper pu…

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Spectre of Closure: BA’s decision to close the New Airways Pension Scheme highlights risks of defined benefit liabilities

With some rather unseasonal timing, in mid December 2017, British Airways announ…

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Anne-Marie Winton comments in Law360 on Barclays’ plan to re-house its pension scheme in a new investment banking arm

When Barclays becomes the first British bank to reveal in court how it will comp…

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Anne-Marie Winton comments in Pensions Expert on Nissan’s proposed switch to Care arrangement scheme

Car manufacturer, Nissan, is consulting on a proposed switch to a career average…

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Kate Payne comments in Moneywise on High Court rejecting BT’s plan to reduce pensions benefits

The High Court's decision to reject BT's plan to reduce pensions benefits comes …

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