NEWS   |    March 3, 2020

Partner Rosalind Connor comments in the Financial Times on TPR’s aims to implement a “twin-track” approach to ensure schemes’ valuations are legally compliant

Pension schemes will be looking at choosing between two different approaches for their valuations in a consultation for a shake-up of the funding regime for thousands of company retirement schemes unveiled by the industry regulator.

In the consultation, the regulator set out a “twin-track” approach for trustees to demonstrate that the valuations agreed for their schemes are legally compliant.

Trustees opting for the “fast track” approach would work around funding and recovery plan guidelines set by the regulator and subsequently receive “minimal regulatory scrutiny” under the consultation proposals.

In contrast, trustees opting for “bespoke” valuations would have more flexibility, for example on level of investment risk, but would be subjected to greater oversight from the regulator.

Rosalind commented:

“Fast track will probably be taken as the standard and therefore ‘good’. So if you have a scheme where actually the fast track doesn’t fit its structure, it will take a bold trustee and employer (and a rich one!) to move to bespoke.”

Read Rosalind’s comments in the Financial Times.

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