Managing Change

Services include advising on the following:


Legal or regulatory changes

  • considering permissive changes like the 2014 budget changes
  • implementing mandatory changes like the same sex marriage requirements
  • responding to external changes like the abolition of DB contracting out


Benefit changes

  • closure to future accrual
  • benefit redesign
  • amendments to trust deeds and rules


Liability management exercises

  • flexibility at retirement
  • trivial commutation
  • transfer or modification exercises, whether “business as usual” or employer-led
  • incentive exercises
  • changes in best practice (eg Code of Good Practice on Incentive Exercises)


Changes in scheme structure

  • scheme mergers or demergers
  • partial termination


Changes in corporate structure

  • takeovers and mergers
  • acquisitions, disposals
  • internal reorganisation and covenant change
  • employer distress
  • clearance and other interaction with the Pensions Regulator


Managing Section 75 debts

  • identifying statutory employers
  • managing withdrawal of employers
  • flexible apportionment arrangements etc.



  • writing and reviewing member communications
  • consent forms


Trustee protection

  • under the scheme
  • from external sources