NEWS   |    June 4, 2020

Adjusting to rapidly fluctuating demand is pointing a speedboat on a new heading: the strengths of the specialist law firm

As Arc celebrates its fifth anniversary Chris Mullen looks back on the Firm’s success and reflects on the strengths of the specialist law firm.

As the co-founder of Arc Pensions Law, a specialist pensions law firm now celebrating our fifth anniversary and two-time winner of the British Legal Awards’ “Boutique Law Firm of the Year”, I’m surprised by the lack of attention given to this segment of the UK legal market.

Anna Rogers, former head of Mayer Brown International’s pensions department, and I, former head of Pinsent Masons LLP’s pensions team and then the international firm’s senior partner for a decade, first conceived of Arc back in Spring 2015. For us, the reasons for establishing a new dedicated pensions law firm seemed incredibly strong.

First, being able to focus exclusively on one market and dedicate all our efforts on servicing the clients in that market. What an advantage not to have to try and understand multiple types of clients across many different sectors and jurisdictions!

Second, the simplicity of the operation and the agility that comes with that: attributes that have really helped in this current Pandemic. Adjusting to rapidly fluctuating demand is no longer turning a super-tanker but pointing a speedboat on a new heading.

And finally, working with people who really understand what we’re trying to do and the clients we serve. At Arc, with the exception of our three marvellous PAs, we’re all pensions lawyers. A firm run by pensions lawyers, staffed by pensions lawyers. Communication is easy, understanding comes rapidly. The joys of having everyone pulling in the same direction!

So I’m a cheerleader for the specialist law firm. With around twenty people at Arc, we may be small, but we pride ourselves on being able to service our clients’ needs as well, if not better, than firms fifty times our size. Dedication to a market you understand well, a coherent and clear strategy and unity around that strategy – the Holy Trinity of successful law firm management. Little wonder that in so many specialist areas – IP, tech, employment, private client, tax, planning, environmental, insurance – the list is long and growing – experienced partners are leaving the larger firms and instead finding fulfilment and enjoying life, in a specialist law firm.

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