Services for law firms and other professionals

Services for law firms and other professionals

ARC Pensions Law was founded with the aim of providing a high-quality, highly responsive and dedicated support service for law firms and other professionals.


Our partners are experienced in working with other firms when there is a need for more specialist advice on pensions law issues. Our business model is designed to give us the flexibility to closely match pricing structures already in place. We are happy to appear on the record and can act either directly for the ultimate client, as client of the law firm, or can simply provide advice behind-the-scenes as may be required.


As a pensions-only law firm with no intentions of expanding our services beyond the extensive range that we already provide, we represent no competitive threat when it comes to introducing our partners to your clients. On these pages we highlight some of the areas where our partners are working to support other professionals in delivering excellent service, competitively priced.

Why DB pension schemes matter for M&As

Lawyers and other corporate advisers often make the mistake of thinking that M&A activity is all about ‘the deal’. Once the documents are signed, and the money is paid, it’s assumed that everything is completed....

Key considerations for a pensions change project

There are three questions employers should ask before embarking on a pensions change project. First, they should question whether they can make the change. Employment contracts should be checked. If the change would breach the contract it will need varying. ...

ARC highly commended at the 2017 Financial Times PIPA Awards

ARC Pensions Law has been highly commended at the Financial Times' 18th annual Pension and Investment Provider Awards for it's innovation and growth. The PIPAs recognise excellence among providers of products and services to UK workplace pension schemes....

Who’s afraid of the pensions regulator?

In certain circumstances involving schemes in significant deficit, the pensions regulator has powers to pierce the ‘corporate veil’ and can force liability on to the directors and shareholders on a non-fault basis....

ARC Pensions Law

is a dedicated, specialist firm of pension lawyers. We focus entirely on workplace pension schemes.

Our vision

is to provide top quality, value-for-money legal services to those responsible for running workplace pension schemes, and thereby to help schemes deliver the promised benefits to members.

Our strategy

is to employ pension lawyers and staff with top-quality experience and enable them to work in a modern way, operating on a bespoke, lean and adaptable platform.

ARC Pensions Law is a dedicated, specialist firm of pension lawyers. We focus entirely on workplace pension schemes.

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