12 Oct Rosalind attends DWP select committee meeting on PPF and TPR

ARC Pensions Law Partner Rosalind Connor, attended today’s Department for Work and Pensions Select Committee session on the Pension Protection Fund and The Pensions Regulator in her role as Chair of the Association of Pension Lawyers

Following the session, Rosalind commented “It was a privilege to be asked before the select committee on behalf of the Association of Pension Lawyers to give the legal context for the issues that the committee is considering.

The committee is clearly serious about understanding the issues and what might be done. It is important to appreciate that pensions law has become incredibly convoluted and that trustees are already in play to look after member’s interests.

We discussed a wide range of issues and concerns, including the fact that the Pensions Regulator already has wide powers, some of which are exercised very rarely. The question may well come down to how well resourced the Regulator is to take interventionist action.”

This was covered in The FT Advisor and Professional Pensions.