17 Aug Anna Copestake comments in Pensions Expert on age discrimination challenge brought by The Fire Brigades Union

Anna Copestake, Senior Associate, said age discrimination arguments may have to be interpreted in light of EU cases and EU law. She added that it will be interesting to see what happens in light of Brexit.

“The non-discrimination law that we have is enshrined in UK law” but it flows from a European directive, she said. Post-Brexit, the UK will still have non-discrimination laws, but when it comes to interpreting that, sometimes the UK courts refer back to the European courts, or look at past European cases.

Copestake said that when the UK leaves the EU, there is uncertainty as to whether UK courts will still look back at previous European judgements when looking at anti-discrimination law.

If this does affect long-running cases that started before the UK’s EU referendum result, Copestake said it could mean “arguments have to change tack half-way through”.

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